Plan vs Reality comic I try to be both cautious and optimistic when making plans for the future. I want to publish my plans here, so that you can get a sense of the direction I intend to take Nominal, but please keep in mind that even the best predictions are often incorrect.

With that out of the way, here is my current feature roadmap for the next year:


  • Add security tab that allows you to see active sessions / logins
  • Send email if logged in from a new location (?)
  • Add 2 factor authentication


  • Add the current streak on habits
  • After completing a recurring task, show the next due date


  • Edit habit after it’s been created
  • Improved goal tracking - keep track of goals met/not met - percentage and/or week based
  • Add integrated writing habit - based on word counts in notes
  • View archived habits with option to restore


  • Add checkbox lists with progress indicator
  • Ability to bulk move notes
  • Add file attachments to notes
  • Ability to share a note or notebook
  • Scope search to specific notebook
  • Add option to tag notes, and view based on tag
  • Save and view note edit history
  • Add option to archive a note/notebook


  • Show task completion history (mainly for recurring tasks)
  • Option to delete a task (currently can only archive)
  • Make tasks and reminders more distinct in the UI
  • Add comments with link support
  • Quick add feature - could be very time saving if added to the dashboard
  • Sort completed tasks by date completed and display it

Improve performance

Some other ideas / good intentions

  • Activity and mood tracker
  • Import tasks/notes from other services (based on customer requests)
  • Monthly review - accessible in app and possibly sent via email
  • Get Nominal into app stores