The short answer is Nominal is a tool to keep you organized, accomplish your goals, and help you be productive. The site is designed for personal use. The main features are tasks (todo’s), habits, and notes.


Without some kind of organizational system, I tend to forget things, not keep up with commitments, and generally let people down. I needed a place to immediately record things I needed and wanted to do, or else things would get lost.

Before starting work on Nominal, I tried lots of different productivity apps - to do apps, notes apps, habit trackers, and journal apps in different combinations. I liked parts of some of the apps I used but was never completely happy and I was frustrated having to use multiple apps. So, not being content with the existing solutions, I decided to build my own.


Nominal Dashboard The site is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. To that end, the feature set and UI are as minimal and simple as possible. My goal for Nominal is to be a fast tool where you check in daily and then get back to your life.

With that mindset, the key feature for me was a quick way to see my to do list for the day as well as check in on other activities. This is the idea behind the dashboard. This is the first thing you see when launching the app, and from here you can check off items on your to do list, mark habits complete, add a new task, and even write a quick journal entry for the day.


I put a lot of thought into the notes section of the app, as this is basically my personal knowledge base, a place to reference when I need to remember some process or piece of info. Notes are organized into notebooks, and a word counter makes keeping track of daily writing goals easy. It offers inline markdown support and you can link between notes in order to create your own personal wiki. Nominal Dashboard


Your notes, tasks, and habits are private and can only be viewed while logged in to your account on the site. I take reasonable measures to keep your data safe from attackers, and user data is not shared with third parties under any circumstances.

Additionally, I won’t ever serve ads or 3rd party tracking scripts to logged in users. You can read more about my philosophy on privacy in the FAQ and in the official privacy policy.

Try it out

Nominal is designed to work well on all your devices so you can check in wherever you are. The app has helped me stay organized, and I hope it can help you too.

Nominal is free to try! Please sign up and see what you think. I would really appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improving the site. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems with the site.